By Journeyman Leather

Hand-stitched English Bridle Leather
¾" Plain Lead Fittings: Solid brass or nickel plated
Colour: Black or brown
Length: Approx 42"
Price: £14.50  
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Plaited, braided, other styles of handcrafted English Bridle Leather dog collars and matching leashes, made in Scotland, one year guarantee. Top grain English Bridle leather, solid brass or nickel plated hardware.

About 100 miles north of Scotland are the beautiful, but remote, Shetland Islands. It is in this environment that Ian Tonkinson crafts some of the finest Shetland Pony tack available anywhere in the world, and now, he uses the same bench techniques to also make beautiful leather dog collars and leashes.

There are all kinds of leashes you could use to take your best friend for a walk, jeweled dog collars, logo embossed dog collars from luxury goods purveyors who have elevated this joyful outing to a level of conspicuous branding; do you honestly believe your dog cares if he's being walked on a $600 crocodile leash? Why not donate the difference in price between ours and theirs to your local animal shelter? Your dog simply wants to ‘go out’ to make his/her rounds of the neighbourhood…here’s what s/he needs.

From our full range of leather dog collars and matching hand crafted leashes of top grain English Bridle leather, the absolute best, one year no quibble guarantee, fitted with a solid brass clip or a nickel plated finish brass clip and a loop for your hand. Period. The straps are hand stitched for extra strength, wax finished and polished by hand - they simply glow with the care applied to their making. There's not a logo in sight.

The pride of using a product thoughtfully handcrafted of such a standard of excellence as offered by Journeyman Leather is without compare. Ian's almost unheard of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction allows Journeyman Leather to offer a "no quibble" twelve-month guarantee on all their lead ropes and dog leashes (unless, of course, you leave it laying about as a chew chip).

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Hand-stitched English Bridle Leather Dog Leash
¾ inch Plain Lead
Black or brown leather
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